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NHS Clinics & Services

Below is a list of the NHS clinics and services available at Rowe Avenue Surgery.

Clinic / Service Details

Blood Tests

Blood tests are undertaken on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday and Fridays between 8.30am and 1.00pm by one of or Phlebotomists at the surgery treatment room.

Child & Baby Clinic

Every Thursday at the surgery 9.30am - 11.45am

Child Immunisation Clinic

Child Immunisation Clinic are held on Tuesday afternoon at the surgery on an appointment only basis. Immunisations are offered against a number of potentially dangerous illnesses - Measles, Mumps, German Measles, Whooping cough, Diphtheria, Tetanus, Polio, Tuberculosis.

- See recommended Immunisation schedule

Diabetes Clinic

Some of our nurse team have specialist training in treating diabetes. Clinics are held at the surgery on Tuesdays and Wednesdays by appointment.


Please speak to our Practice nurses for health and diet advice.

District Nurses

District nurses are based nearby at Anchor Health Centre. Enquiries about district nursing advice and care should be made direct to the team on 01273 575490.

Family Planning/ HRT/Smears

We have a nurse who specialises in dealing with women's health issues. She is able to give advice on the menopause and osteoporosis and carry out cervical smears and breast examinations.

Our Nurse team are also available for family planning advice and can also carry out cervical smears, and breast examinations.

Cervical Smears are advised every 3-5 years.

Health Promotion Clinic

These 'prevention of illness' clinics are held regularly. Ask your doctor for an 'MOT' appointment or check-up if you have not seen a GP in the last three years.

Health Visitors

Health visitors are based nearby at Peacehaven Clinic. They are able to give advice to expectant mothers and mothers with young children. Please phone 01273 580504 before 10.00am if possible.

You can also visit the Child Health Clinic Drop In Peacehaven Children's and Family Centre, Meridian Way, Peacehaven East Sussex BN10 8NF on a Monday between 1.30pm - 3.30pm without an appointment.


Midwives are based nearby at Peacehaven Clinic. Contact the team on 01273 580504.

Minor Surgery

Dr Ranawaka can carry out a number of small 'surgical' procedures for you such as removal of warts and skin tags by appointment.

Podiatry There is a podiatry clinic for patients of retirement age, diabetics,  and Rheumatoid arthritis, by referral from your GP.


Physiotherapy is available locally for a range of injuries and mobility problems by referral from your GP.

Social Workers

Patients have access to social workers who are based nearby Should you need to see one, you can arrange an appointment to be held at our surgery or in your own home. Helpline 0845 608 0191

Stop Smoking Clinic

Free help is available if you want to quit from qualified NHS stop smoking advisers, by appointment.  Please ask at the reception desk for further information.

Travel Clinics

Holiday/Travel Vaccinations are available at our Travel Clinic by appointment. The nurses who staff these can also give you advice on which vaccines you need. Ensure you have an appointment booked at least 2 months before your date of travel to ensure vaccines have time enough to work. Unfortunately a charge has to be made for some of these travel vaccinations.

- See Prices for Travel Vaccinations

Treatment Room Nurses

The treatment room is staffed by experienced Practice Nurses who provide back-up for the practice in terms of phlebotomy (taking blood samples), test procedures, administering injections and general advice.


Flu Vaccinations are available for 'at risk' patients in October and November. Please ring the surgery to find out flu clinic times and dates.Posters will be in the waiting room nearer the time and we will make an announcement on this website.

Tetanus Vaccination is very important and we recommend a booster injection every 10 years.