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Repeat Prescription AdviceRepeat Prescriptions

Repeat prescriptions can be obtained by leaving the tear-off portion of your last prescription in the box in the porch or submitting it directly to reception.

Please note that we do not take repeat prescription requests over the phone.

You can now order repeat prescriptions online. If you are registered for this service please log in here. To register you will need to come into the practice with valid photo ID to be issued with a username and password.

Routine repeat prescriptions will normally be available for collection two full days after receipt, but you will need to allow extra time for items not on your printed repeat list. Allow an extra day if collecting from the pharmacist. If you would like us to post your prescription, please enclose a stamped self-addressed envelope. You can also take the repeat prescription slip into your local chemists and collect your medication from them or ask us to send your prescription to one of these chemists. If you use this service please allow three days. If prescriptions are required urgently (e.g. after hospital visits) please hand into reception and indicate when and why you need it.

If a drug is not on your repeat medication list, or if you wish the prescription to be amended, the doctor will require more information to proces the prescription request. Please explain why the non-repeat prescription is needed when making the request. If the clinician has insufficient information or is concerned about the safety or appropriateness of the request it will not be authorised.

Prescription Charges

Prescriptions are currently priced at £8.40. If you are on multiple repeat medications it is probably worthwhile contacting the Prescriptions Authority or asking your pharmacist for a pre-payment certificate which will greatly reduce your prescription charges.

If you are under 18 years of age, unemployed or on invalidity benefit then you will not have to pay for your prescription. Ensure that you fill out the reverse of the prescription form correctly and sign it, and have some proof that you are exempt from prescription charges with you when you collect your medication from the pharmacy

- further information on prescription costs are available from